What is an arepa?

The Arepa is a flat, round corn meal disc that can be cut open to form a pocket and prepared with different types of fillings. It’s similar to the pita in shape, but the Arepa is prepared by mixing dry corn meal with water and salt (and occasionally oil, butter, eggs, and/or milk). The mixture blends neatly to form a corn meal dough. After being kneaded and shaped into balls, the dough is flattened and shaped into discs, and the discs are then fried, grilled, or baked.

arepa = P.A.N.

P.A.N. has traditionally been the main ingredient to arepas. For this reason, we’re committed to introducing the rest of the world to this marvelous gastronomic jewel. We want to share this versatile, delicious, and healthy food with everyone, since it’s ideal for any meal.

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