P.A.N. Corn Meal History

Empresas Polar is a Venezuelan corporation that began as a brewery, and was founded in 1941 in Caracas, Venezuela. It is the largest and best known brewery in the country, but throughout the years, it has diversified to include an array of other sister industries—most of them related to food processing. Supplying the high demand of corn meal in international markets for the last decade, Empresas Polar is one of the first pioneers of pre-cooked corn meal. An internationally recognized brand, P.A.N., can be found today in more than 60 countries, bringing the taste of corn to consumers in an easy and practical way, so that they may prepare their favorite corn-based dishes with the comfort of knowing that every meal is a special moment.

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P.A.N. Corn meal Promise

Our Promise is to offer high quality, corn-based food products to inspire consumers to prepare delicious meals that are healthy and convenient for any palate. P.A.N. wants to help you share comforting moments with the people you care about.

P.A.N. is a brand of high quality corn-based food products that has a delicious flavor, and is both versatile and easy to prepare. It inspires people to celebrate, share, and enjoy their lifestyle.


The characteristics of the arepa vary by color, flavor, size, and the food with which it is filled. Versatility is undoubtedly the arepa’s best quality, and due to the simplicity and subtle flavor of the dish, it can adapt to any recipe.

Arepas can be prepared and filled with anything you like, including: beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, tuna, salmon (or any other fish), shrimp, seafood, salami, ham, cheese, eggs, beans, veggies, etc. Arepas can be served as breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, and it’s also a meal of great convenience, so that you can eat something fast, warm, delicious, and healthy!


It was in 1941 that Lorenzo Alejandro Mendoza Fleury set up a brewery to produce and market beer in Venezuela. This marked the beginning of Cerveceria Polar.

Soon after, thanks to the inventiveness of master brewer Carlos Roubicek, the original formula was adapted to satisfy the need for a lighter and more refreshing beer amongst the Venezuelan consumers. And so, the first European formula was simplified by replacing some of the malted barley with flakes of corn. Years later, Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero, the founder’s son, proposed that a corn processing plant be installed to substitute this imported ingredient. And so it was that in 1954, the first plant was inaugurated in Turmero, which later became Alimentos Polar. The goal was to produce this ingredient for brewing Polar beer.

Towards the end of the 1950s, Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero and Carlos Roubicek, along with their colleagues, came to realize that Venezuelans needed an alternative that would give them a simple and practical manner to produce corn dough, an essential ingredient for the daily preparation of arepas.

In utilizing this very corn processing facility, they conceived of a product that would simplify and shorten the housewife’s daily manual chore (of cleaning, grinding, cooking and milling the corn), ensuring that the arepas, and many other corn based dishes, would continue to maintain their traditional flavors.

The product was intended to bear a name that represented all that an arepa meant. A name that would signify the idea of a “Venezuelan bread” or “pan” in Spanish. It was thus called P.A.N., it’s initials standing for Productos Alimenticios Nacionales.

On December 10, 1960, P.A.N. was launched and achieved great success, to the complete satisfaction of the Venezuelan consumer.

Today, P.A.N. is found in more than 60 countries, bringing the delicious flavor of corn to consumers in an easy and practical way to prepare your favorite corn based recipes.

This product is appropriate for making corn flatbreads with a crunchy texture on the outside and a soft dough.

It’s especially used recipes that call for roasting and frying. It’s culinary diversity allows preparing dishes such as corn flatbreads, Arepas, Tortillas, Tamales, stuffed flatbreads, pastries, and custards, among other recipes. The Yellow Pre-cooked Corn Meal P.A.N. is a pure yellow corn meal that is carefully selected and made without preservatives. It’s a product of exceptional quality, ideal for the quick and easy preparation of the most varied and delicious recipes.

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